1. J

    Android Question B4A Search Template - how to control textChanged Event on the searchField

    Hello everyone, this is my first post after a little time working with b4a and surfing the forums. I would like to thanks everyone in advance for all the help given in the forum and say that this is a great community. After that, going straight to the issue. I would like to know if it is...
  2. gregchao

    iOS Tutorial Textchanged difference between B4a and B4i

    All, I found an interesting difference between the textchanged event in B4a and B4i. In B4a, EditText1_TextChanged will fire whenever the text is changed whether by User or in code In B4i, TextField1_TextChanged will fire when User changes the field but does not fire in code.
  3. K

    Android Question edittext custom view

    Hii experts, I'm new to b4a custom view, so please help me. I'm trying to create edittext custom view, add I want to add textchange event my code is : Public Sub DesignerCreateView (Base As Panel, Lbl As Label, Props As Map) mBase = Base edittext.Initialize("")...