threading issue

  1. maxh2815

    Android Question Error with threading library

    I am currently trying to get a project working which uses the threading library created by agraham. I am using this code to start the thread: Sub Button1_Click Dim params(0) As Object thread1.Start(Null, "threadSub", params) End Sub Sub threadSub For i = 0 To 20000 If i Mod...
  2. behnam_tr

    B4J Question b4j and thread library issue

    hi i have a b4j app and i use threading library (b4a version in b4j) when i use "mythread.start" method i dont have a problem\ but when i use "mythread.RunOnGuiThread" my app is hang until the operation end. in this method the sub are runing that load panel and leyout and tableview this app is...