1. XbNnX_507

    B4J Library BackgroundWorkerClass

    Hello EveryOne, This is the BackgroundWorker but without all the bells and whistles of JServer. šŸ¤™
  2. maxh2815

    Android Question Error with threading library

    I am currently trying to get a project working which uses the threading library created by agraham. I am using this code to start the thread: Sub Button1_Click Dim params(0) As Object thread1.Start(Null, "threadSub", params) End Sub Sub threadSub For i = 0 To 20000 If i Mod...
  3. behnam_tr

    B4J Question b4j and thread library issue

    hi i have a b4j app and i use threading library (b4a version in b4j) when i use "mythread.start" method i dont have a problem\ but when i use "mythread.RunOnGuiThread" my app is hang until the operation end. in this method the sub are runing that load panel and leyout and tableview this app is...
  4. Steve Kwok

    Android Question Wait For inside Threading always escape

    Hi, All. I would like to download data from internet periodically by background thread. With reference to: Threading library, I changed the code as follow but get freezed :( Sub ThreadSub3 'Dim Count As Int = 0 Dim...