time dialogue

  1. james_sgp

    Android Question B4XPreferenceDialog, Time as ticks

    Hi, I`m using a PrefDialog to get date and time, date is fine as returned as ticks. However, time is not returned as ticks it gives [Days=0, Hours=22, IsInitialized=true, Minutes=58, Months=0, Seconds=0, Years=0] How can I get it as ticks? Thanks, James
  2. R

    Android Question B4X Custom Time Dialog

    I am trying to create a dialog where the user can select a time interval Hours 0-20 and minutes 0 to 55 in 5 minute intervals. I have something like a B4i picker in mind that accepts gestures but without the transparency of the non-selected items. I thought about two Listviews side by side only...