1. FrostCodes

    I started a business idea/growth tips newsletter

    Hello everyone! I just launched my newsletter (BasedOnSaas) for getting the best App/SAAS/Micro Saas growth tips, ideas and market research. What is the newsletter about? Based on Saas is a newsletter where I share: ● App ideas and growth and tips ● Saas/Micro saas ideas ● Tips on how to...
  2. Multiverse app

    Android Question Best way to arrange views in designer?

    For all B4A projects, I add all the views needed for different screens into one layout file and load their dimensions in Activity_Resume: I know it is a lot messy, but this way, it is easier to manage all the views from one single file. I wanted to know if this method is ideal? Or should I...
  3. Widget

    Other IDE Tabs now scroll with mouse button

    I suggested this feature months ago and I was happy to find it implemented in v7.80. It's like finding $5 of loose change in the sofa. :D Here's how it works. If you have a lot of files open in the IDE and some of the tabs are not visible, select any tab in the IDE and when you hover the mouse...
  4. Peter Simpson

    <Edited: New video released> An updated IDE tips video sounds like a good idea to me

    Hello Erel, When I first saw this video a few years ago I though it would be a good idea to have it somewhere prominent on this forum, that is still my view. Things have changed a lot since then, the IDE has changed and improved a lot and since this video was first created, for example there are...