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    Android Question ToastMessageShow() displays ellipses...

    Noticed that ToastMessageShow() displays only the first line of text and ellipses (...) for multiline large text messages. This is after updating to B4A v11 and Target sdk 30. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
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    Android Question Check if 'ToastMessageShow' is visible

    Hi I have a problem when my Bluetooth app is initialising in that if a button is pushed it locks up the communication with Bluetooth controller. Is there a way to check when a specific ToastMessageShow is being displayed, then notify when message has cleared? Andrew

    Android Question best ToastMessageShow libraries

    Hey guys Which ToastMessageShow library is the best? A library that matches the latest version of Android API and has a personalization option (Gravity, Color, Font, ...). I used this library, but it has problems with the latest version of Android...