1. M

    Android Question Transparent Panel but with Shadow

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting some modern UI techniques... is it possibile to have a panel with transparent color and keeping the shadow? At the moment i'm achieving the shadow using the "Elevation" but if i put Color to transpartent the shadow disappears. Is there a better way to apply a...
  2. alirezahassan

    B4J Question move form with panel

    hi all, i set this code MainForm.SetFormStyle("TRANSPARENT") so i have a window without decorations. and i want the user to be able to move the form through the panel. what should i do?
  3. M

    Android Question Change EditText Cursor Color

    Hi everyone, i already looked for something in the forum but i did not find nothing working. Someone of you knows how can i change the cursor color of an edittext? more precisely, i want to make it invisible. (note: i use appcompat, i don't know if this information can be useful) Thanks in...
  4. M

    iOS Question Make the status bar transparent, to show the background image.

    Hi everyone, after a long period of no programming, I met again a problem that I never solved before. I want my ImageView Background continue under the status bar too. I Wish to make transparent the part that now is gray the picture. I tried to follow this post, without success. Is it possible...
  5. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question [RESOLVED] Remove top of the panel edge

    Hello everyone! how can I make a border on a panel and then remove a top part of the border to put a label with a transparent background. note that the background color of the panel is transparent. I need the background to be transparent because there are screens for apps that contain gradients.
  6. Shivito1

    Android Question transparent activity brightness

    Within AVD Exoplayer dimmed almost appears grayed out. I found the cause is the fact that I have transparent activity. My question: can this be fixed without forgoing the transparent activity? manifest: 'This code will be applied to the manifest file during compilation. 'You do not need to...
  7. Shivito1

    Android Question Floating Button keeps pausing other apps

    My app keeps pausing videos when I try to use the fly menu of the bubble. I attached a picture showing the menu and the paused video. Star-Dust mentioned "force it to go in the background by opening a transparent activity from your app" I do use transparency but my question is how do I force it...