1. TelKel81

    Android Question SetField of a Type with Reflector or JavaObject ?

    Hi, I want to use a type as an enum and I don't want to set the value of each string of that type since the fieldname IS what the string value will be. How to do it with Reflector or JavaObject ? Dim r As Reflector r.Target = BiomeType r.Target = r.RunMethod("getClass") Dim...
  2. M

    Wish Possible to create real classes in B4R (and create instances of that class)?

    You can create class modules in B4R but they act as singletons - I can't define a class module say "MQTTBUNDLE" and then create instances of that class. I know the whole thing about low resources and all that but is this something that might be possible in the future? I'm using Types for this...
  3. LucaMs

    Other List of types

    If you fill a List with custom types objects, you can sort it based on any field that makes up your custom type. I wonder: 1) if this type of collection exists in java or it is a b4x implementation; 2) if it were the second case of the previous point, perhaps it would be possible: - 2a)...