1. DavideTr94

    Android Question GooglePlayBilling - Change subscription type

    Good morning everyone, in my App there are 5 different types of subscription, each with different prices but all lasting one month. I should make a function that allows the user to upgrade a service by purchasing a different subscription: To go from "pui_cloud_lvl1" (1.99 €) to...

    Android Question Migration SQLite during app Updating

    Hello, Ok, i know that no Sqlite data will be lost during an upgrade, only when we uninstall the app. But if i need to change the data format between 2 versions, (in this case, add a field) i would have to implement some migration code. what is the just method for doing this ? Thanks Michel
  3. C

    Android Question How much to upgrade from Standard to Enterprise

    I purchased Standard a few months ago. I am not clear what it will cost me to upgrade from standard to enterprise. And when I do, do I have 2 years from the purchase date until I have to upgrade again. Should I upgrade every 2 years to always have the latest B4A? Can you supply a link that...
  4. carlos7000

    Spanish ¿Cómo actualizo una base de datos?

    Hola a todos. Me pregunto si alguien me puede ayudar con unas lineas que me permitan comparar, al iniciarse el programa, la base de datos del dispositivo contra la que se encuentra en File.DirAssets, y si es una versión anterior, reemplazarla con la una nueva, todo esto, antes de que el...