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  1. R

    Android Question HttpServer Upload file problem

    Hi, I am creating an app to act as a server to receive images (the images will then be sent by a windows application written in vb.net). I'm using the HttpServerExample to do some testing, but I've noticed that if I try to upload a picture by connecting via browser it gives me this error: A Non...
  2. H

    Android Question Upload file, e.g. jpg using okHttUtils2

    A service or a server, not B4J server, is accepting the ff. HTTP PUT command. curl -vX PUT http://admin:[email protected]:5984/albums/6e1295ed6c29495e54cc05947f18c8af/artwork.jpg?rev=2-2739352689 --data-binary @artwork.jpg -H "Content-Type:image/jpg" I tried the sample provided by the link...
  3. D

    Android Question Upload text file with OkHttpUtils2

    After successfully figuring out (with assistance here) how to download an .mp3 file from the internet, I am trying upload a .txt file to the internet. The libraries I have installed are: Core (v 8.30), OkHttp (v 1.2), RuntimePermissions (v 1.1), and StringUtils (v 1.12) I also have HttpJob and...
  4. T

    iOS Question How do I upload a PDF file from storage/iCloud/iBooks?

    Is it possible to add an option to select a storage / iCloud / iBooks PDF file? And so keeping the options shown in the image.
  5. R

    Android Question Upload in webView (WORK)!

    Hi all, I found a way (in a somewhat accidental) to run the file upload in a WebView. I have used WebViewExtras and WebViewExtras2, but in the .b4a project file I have declared FIRST WebViewExtras2 and THEN WebViewExtras . When, the code are whis: Sub Globals 'These global variables will...
  6. juniorteacher

    Android Question No Error but No File Uploaded,use PostMultipart

    I Follow Tutorial https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/upload-image-to-server-postmultipart-and-php.82682/#post-525412 No error but no fileuploaded here is my project thanks for help, solved