1. P

    Android Question Uri to absolute file path

    I want to get the path of the file in the storage associated with my app as soon as the user clicks on the file and it opens with my app. But the path returned to the app is in Uri format. I want it in absolute file path for further operations. I am using the code given by Mr. Erel at the link...
  2. lerneBasic4Android

    Android Question [SOLVED] Local file with URI fragments in a WebView

    Hi, showing a remote URL with a URI fragment in a WebView works fine. For example the URL https://www.b4x.com/android/help/views.html#webview_loadurl is shown in a Webview. Using a local saved html file with framents does not work. Is there any way to show something like...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question Getting the uri of a file in the app's assets folder

    Greetings, I would like to get the uri of a file that resides in my app's assets folder. Can you point me to a link that describes how it's done? I saw many posts on the forum that shows code like this but none of the posts actually shows the coding behind GetFileUri sub routine...

    Android Question EncodeBase64 for URL and Files

    Hello, Im using that kind of sub with StringUtils and B4XCipher library to encode some passwords : Sub EncryptText(text As String, password As String) As String Dim c As B4XCipher Dim su As StringUtils Return su.EncodeBase64(c.Encrypt(text.GetBytes("utf8"), password)) End Sub Sub...
  5. I

    Android Question How to perform resource management while batch copying files?

    In my app I have a For Next loop that is used to copy all files in a particular folder. Since the target location is a URI, I use the method given here to copy the files. And it works correctly too. The problem arises when there are a lot of files to copy. Like there is a user who tried to copy...
  6. Mikel Huerta

    Android Question (SOLVE)error open PDF file with android 7+

    Hello , i try to open a PDF file from my app on an android 7 with the new permissions functions but when i try to do it, i get this error and a blank screen for a while and nothing more : i am using b4a 8.50 My code : Sub Doit() Dim Mostrador_de_PDF As Intent Dim uri As...