1. P

    Bug? httpjob bug and cache

    I guess i found a bug on httpjob, and found out that httpjob also caches information,which in 2016 @Erel said it doesn't The specific error was: Error occurred on line: 292 (HttpJob) java.io.FileNotFoundException: /data/user/0/b4a.example/cache/1: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [Solved] - Loading a URL in a WebView

    Greetings everyone, I'm trying out a WebView for the first time and have what probably is a stupid question, but I hope you can be patient with me. :rolleyes: In the designer I added a WebView. In my code, I used the following code to supposedly load an URL into the WebView and match the...
  3. S

    Android Question Catch URL from ad displayed on webview

    Hello, I'm playing a bit with ads. So I'm using an JS script from an ad agency on my website and it works very good. I've made a test B4A project and it I'm loading a separate html file from my server (perhaps the html file could also be in the assets folder) into the webview, the ad is...
  4. H

    Android Question BBListItem's URL not working accordingly.

    sb.Append(CRLF).Append($"[Span MinWidth=33%x Alignment=center]Delete[/span][Span MinWidth=33%x Alignment=center]Forward[/span]"$).Append(CRLF) sb is a StringBuilder type. The issue is, when I tap the "Forward", there is an instance that I have to tap it 4 to 5 times before it will respond...
  5. 2SucresCelestin

    Android Question Print a picture in CLV from a URL obtained from an SQLite DB

    Hello, I wanted to print some images obtained from a URL stocked in a SQLite DB. I don't really know how to do it. i implemented some code in job done to apply images into panel's image views but still having issues. Some one knows how to do it ? Sub JobDone(Job As HttpJob) If Job.Success...
  6. W

    Android Question How I can get the url link opened in log app

    Hi, Can u help me please? I have an B4A app with a button, the idea is that when i click on the button, the app will open a url with this code for example: Dim i As Intent i.Initialize(i.ACTION_VIEW, "https://www.examplewebpage.com") StartActivity(i) And the web page will close automatically...
  7. OliverA

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] UrlEncodeMap

    ' UrlEncodeMap(input As Map) As String ' Converts a Map's keys/values to a URL encoded parameter string ' Following library is used ' B4J - jStringUtils ' B4A - StringUtils ' B4i - iStringUtils Sub UrlEncodeMap(input As Map) As String Dim sb As StringBuilder Dim su As StringUtils...
  8. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] BCTextEngine - Create Named Link

    Public Sub CreateNamedLink(name As String,url As String,color As String) As String Return "" & name & "" End Sub bbcv.Text = "" & "Bitte " & CreateNamedLink("Anmelden","https://yourniceurl","#2D8879") & "/" & CreateNamedLink("Registrieren","https://yourniceurl","#2D8879") & " um ein...
  9. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] Check is URL

    Is not perfect, but most URLs should match it. https://stackoverflow.com/a/17773849 Private Sub isURL(url As String) As Boolean Return...
  10. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - put an URL as Server IP (access from outside)

    Hi everyone. I have a local build server, i would to know if there is a way to put a URL in the "Server IP" so it became static from the outside. I have a dns, so i would like to put this in the configuration so i can build outside of my home If i click "ok" it says "invalid server ip"