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  1. N

    Android Question Epson commands - USB Connection

    Hello, I have an USB printer connecting to my device. I made a connection using Usbmanager.OpenDevice() and everytime I call a BulkTransfer command my thermal printer prints my string. I want to use ESC/POS commands so I can modify by my willing the printing text. Do you have any tip?
  2. Soheyl

    Android Question When plugin charger activity is going refresh

    Hello Everyone I have a problem with B4A When I plug in the battery charger, the activity reloads without any event! My meaning is on default new project, before any change. I attached a project example. Connect by Cable and try to plug and unplug. Watch Video on Youtube Any guess? thanks
  3. M

    Android Question B4A adb.exe doesn't start

    Hello, i use B4A for years (on new PC from 6.5 on) and had never problems with IDE. Now B4A bridge and usb connection don't work any more. First reaction was to turn off Norton anty virus. Then i reinstall everything again as described in Than i took my old reserve...