1. M

    Android Question Permanently Hide Navigation and Status bars

    Hi everyone, I'm developing a Kiosk App. I set the app to go in Immersive Mode, however it is still possible for the user to show the android navigation and status bars… since it must be a kiosk app I do not want to have any android UI in it... is it possible to permanently hide the navigation...
  2. P

    Android Question App user cannot change of button name ( B4XPage )

    Hello everyone! To do this, I use 2 objects: Button and EditText. In the Visual Designer, I set both of these objects in the same place in such a way that the Button is under EditText. In normal operation of the application, EditText is hidden (EditText.Visable = False) In the Button1_LongClick...
  3. pedrocam

    Android Question CloudKVS sharing data between users

    Hey guys! I am putting together an app to act as a simple chat with multiple chat rooms, and location sharing. I am using MQTT for the chatrooms, and I am trying to get CloudKVS to act as the server for the other information such as location, and other permanent information on each user. My...
  4. Xandoca

    B4J Question Authenticate user and getting groups from MSAD

    Hi, I need to build a very simple document repository app (users can download and upload files). The point here is how to integrate B4J app with MSAD (Microsoft Activity Directory) to authenticate users and get the groups the user belong? Only authenticated users from a group X can...