1. Dave O

    Android Question safely reading text files that may not be UTF8?

    Is there a recommended way of detecting/reading non-UTF8 text files? One of my apps lets users import CSV files. Recently a German user reported that the import wasn't working, and we think we've narrowed it to the file encoding. Encoding: He's saving his CSV file in "normal" encoding for...
  2. A

    B4J Question [Solved] FTP SendCommand MKD with greek characters on folder name.

    Hi. I try to use ftp to replicate a structure from a pc to a remote server (I use ftp because there is no other option). The problem I'm facing is when I want to create a folder that contains greek characters, the command fails. The message I receive is: ReplyCode: 500 ReplyString:500 'MKD...

    Android Question [solved] JSON encoding

    Hello, Please, i have a Json provided from an external DB Table like that : [{"Id":"1","Libelle":"CONFORT ET BIEN-ÊTRE","PictureId":"2428"}, {"Id":"14","Libelle":"AIDES...
  4. aedwall

    Android Question HttpJob and UTF8

    I am trying to use HttpJob to pass city names to a MySQL database, but b4A always makes funny characters out of names like "Bácum" by turning it into "B%C3%A1cum". I don't want UTF-8 conversions which I can't seem to turn back into a recognizable city name with PHP. If I tell HttpJob...