1. behnam_tr

    B4J Question unicode problem with jshell

    I receive a string from C# with jshell, which contains Arabic and Farsi characters, but instead of the original text, only the symbol ??? I receive. Should I make changes on the c# side or b4j side?? private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine("این یک متن تستی...
  2. A

    Android Question [B4X] [B4XPages] Barcode Reader - Arabic read problem

    Hi All, I am trying to use the same code as on this example, and it works fine for English barcode. When I try to use it with PDF417 format in Arabic, it returns the char below: Ver_7.0000dEbWKSMb02qLFåÝħ8L7À¼w÷n𺯣ÿQGA...
  3. aedwall

    Android Question HttpJob and UTF8

    I am trying to use HttpJob to pass city names to a MySQL database, but b4A always makes funny characters out of names like "Bácum" by turning it into "B%C3%A1cum". I don't want UTF-8 conversions which I can't seem to turn back into a recognizable city name with PHP. If I tell HttpJob...
  4. D

    B4J Question Arabic String in Google map Marker

    Hi All, I'm Developing a Small Application in b4j For test that. I Loaded Google map in my app and Added some markers on that, when we want to Add Info Window To Marker with Arabic String , info window don't show the tittle corecctly! how Can I Solve the problem?
  5. mcqueccu

    Android Question Help with Character Encoding

    I am retrieving quotes from an online API in JSON format. However, the some of the characters are like appearing strange when i used UTF8 character encoding with okhttputils download2 option. any help? SAMPLE "quote": "If you can\u00e2\u20ac\u2122t resolve your problems in peace, you...

    Android Question Problem with accented words reading a .txt file

    Hello guys, I'm reading words from a .txt file to a list but some accented words are replaced by a "?". Is there something I have to do in order to preserve the original accented words? I read some threads about UTF8 conversion. Do I have to byte-convert each caracter or is there an option...
  7. L

    Spanish cargar texto con caracteres latinos a webview

    Buenas tardes, tengo una duda a mi webview estoy cargando un html que contiene un texto, lo muestra sin problemas sin embargo no me muestra los caracteres latinos, me aparece como un recuadro con un signo de interrogación donde debería ir una vocal con acento. este es mi HTML <!doctype html>...