1. mcqueccu

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] UUID version 4 Generator

    Extracted from this Thread: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/guid-vs-uuid-can-i-use-guid-as-uuid.110970/#post-692302 Sub UUIDv4 As String Dim sb As StringBuilder sb.Initialize For Each stp As Int In Array(8, 4, 4, 4, 12) If sb.Length > 0 Then sb.Append("-") For n...
  2. mcqueccu

    Android Question GUID vs UUID - Can I use GUID as UUID?

    I was calling an API which requires UUID version 4 to set as one of the headers. I decided to use this website ( https://www.uuidgenerator.net/ ) API to generate the UUID which works fine. Later, I started looking for ways to generate the UUID v4 internally in the app so I came across this...
  3. Diceman

    B4J Question Problem using UUID parameter in PostgreSQL SQL statement

    I have a PostgreSQL SQL statement like: private SqlStr as String EmployeeId = "ef8ba4b3-7898-4240-aa8f-a0586ed04fb7" SqlStr = "select * from employee where employee_id=?" Params = Array As Object(EmployeeId) rs = SQL.ExecQuery2(SqlStr, Params) This will throw an exception...