Android Question Get manifest values

    Hello, After setting some value into the manifest.xml as for example : <color name="actionbar">#ff039be5</color> how to get that value inside code ? Michel
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Question [SOLVED] jPOI how to return 'value' in formular cell?

    Hi SOLUTION: I have a large worksheet with a lot of columns that have formulas. I want to read the worksheet and save the values to a database. I am able to read the rest of the data however...
  3. H

    Android Question B4XPreferencesDialog initial values

    Hello This code I creating item programmatically: prefdialog.AddTextItem("key","title") How to programmatically initialize a default value? How to programmatically set it as mandatory or optional field? Thank you
  4. C

    Android Question CLV , CreateMap - How i can get the specific Values

    I need to get the values that are mapped and do a routine to assign these values in a normal lstview. but I always return the last value in the index. and also I did not understand how I can pull the keys of the created map and assign to the item of the listview. 'dim mapaEscalonado as map...