1. D

    iOS Question Storing an app's global variables

    Hi Guys For B4i, is it safe to keep global variables in any code module (within the Process_Globals sub). Kind regards Dave
  2. Paulo Rosa

    Android Question Initial state of variables

    Hi, Just a small doubt I couldn't find the answer for in B4X documentation: In VB 6 variables are always initialized when they are declared. For instance, if I declare "Public myflag as boolean", I can be sure that myflag variable will have the initial state of false... and so on for the other...
  3. K

    Android Question Public variables

    I want to declared public variables which i can access from any modules. I'm new in B4A. Thanks in advance
  4. Mikel Huerta

    Spanish Problema con Cursores que estan enlazados

    Amigos del foro , por favor una ayuda con esto que de plano o es el sueño o el cansancio o soy muy tonto. Tengo tres variables Cursor : dim C1, C2, C3 as Cursor , abajo en alguna sub tengo : Sub Funcion1 C1=C2 end sub y luego en otra tengo Sub Funcion2 C3=C2 End sub Lo que me pasa es...