1. P

    Spanish Reiniciar las variables como si se usara por primera vez la app.

    Hola Foro. Saludos. Tengo un proyecto de calculadora básica (suma,resta,multiplicación,división). De los ejemplos, la mayoría usan el edittext para ingresar los datos, yo quiero usar botones y etiquetas para ingresar los datos, hacer la app tipo calculadora.... Aclaro, mucho de lo que he...
  2. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Change the name of all variables automatically to a different one

    Hi, I was wondering how I could rename all variables to a different one automatically by some code in B4A if it's possible to do something like that. Maybe using the Find / Replace function idea, but to automatically change how to put _1234 at the end of each variable name. In code and design...
  3. maxh2815

    Android Question Should I use Dim or Public and Private?

    If I understand correctly, variables in Process_Globals and Globals should be declared with either Public or Private. However, if I was to declare a variable in a regular sub, should I use those modifiers or should I be using Dim? Is there an actual difference or is it just a personal...
  4. D

    iOS Question Storing an app's global variables

    Hi Guys For B4i, is it safe to keep global variables in any code module (within the Process_Globals sub). Kind regards Dave
  5. Paulo Rosa

    Android Question Initial state of variables

    Hi, Just a small doubt I couldn't find the answer for in B4X documentation: In VB 6 variables are always initialized when they are declared. For instance, if I declare "Public myflag as boolean", I can be sure that myflag variable will have the initial state of false... and so on for the other...
  6. K

    Android Question Public variables

    I want to declared public variables which i can access from any modules. I'm new in B4A. Thanks in advance
  7. Mikel Huerta

    Spanish Problema con Cursores que estan enlazados

    Amigos del foro , por favor una ayuda con esto que de plano o es el sueño o el cansancio o soy muy tonto. Tengo tres variables Cursor : dim C1, C2, C3 as Cursor , abajo en alguna sub tengo : Sub Funcion1 C1=C2 end sub y luego en otra tengo Sub Funcion2 C3=C2 End sub Lo que me pasa es...