1. KMatle

    B4J Code Snippet Print files via jShell and a VBS script (Windows only)

    I use this VBS script to print all files in a folder on the standard printer (in my case PDF-files). Windows recognizes the file type and uses the defined program (e.g. Acrobat for PDFs) to print the files. You can easily add some functions (use Google to find out how) like getting the names of...
  2. Patent

    B4J Question Get Access to opened MS-Word .docx

    Hi Guys, I'am editing an existing MS-Word Document on a disk with jPOI and it works well. Question is: is it possible to get the Data of an already opened (not saved) docx Document? With jPOI? or better with VBS? greets Patent

    Android Question aes encryption with key and iv => decryption server side

    Hello, After looking for some days the right way to decrypt and check via my API (in ASP vbscript) from a remote server, a string sent by poststring from my APP and encrypted with AES 128bits with key and iv specific , I can share my result with you : App Side Sub : Sub...