1. yo3ggx

    Android Question OKHttpUtils2 versions

    Hello, In my B4A 11.50 it shows that the online version of the library is older than the included one: I know that v3.00 require Android 5 and up. What is the latest OkHttpUtils2 version that supports Android 4.4? I want my app to be supported on this version too. Thank you.
  2. naldoxable

    Bug? [SOLVED] Received fatal alert: protocol_version

    Dear @Erel, I'm experiencing issues using my app with jOkHttpUtils2 outside B4J if I build the standalone package. I have already read other posts in this forum but I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm using the last version of B4J with openJDK 11 as written in the installation guide. I'm using...
  3. Sandman

    Android Question b4xlib manifest version numbers are strange

    I'm creating a b4xlib and try to set this kind of version in the manifest.txt: Version=2.12-2020-01-23-11-31-19 So, basically, during the automated build process of the b4xlib a timestamp is added to the version number. This is not appreciated by B4A: (A somewhat vague error message, by...

    Android Question updating app via the Store

    Hello, When my app purpose an update to the user, like below : (by checking if exists new version trough the webapi) is there a good way to make the script ? - Close the app - Launch the Store app (PlayStore or AppStore , if exist) - make it positionning on the app into the store folder (like...
  5. D

    iOS Question How to get ApplicationLabel and Version at runtime?

    Hi all, Maybe I'm being slow, but I can't seem to find any way to get the app's name and version at runtime? I.e. the values of the Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel and #Version that are set in the Main module. In B4A I would do it by calling Application.LabelName and...
  6. wizard699

    Wish Libraries list

    Erel, it's possible, in a future version, to show in the Libraries list, version number also for library not selected? In this manner it's possibile to view immediatly older libraries installed. Thanks