1. Sandman

    Android Question b4xlib manifest version numbers are strange

    I'm creating a b4xlib and try to set this kind of version in the manifest.txt: Version=2.12-2020-01-23-11-31-19 So, basically, during the automated build process of the b4xlib a timestamp is added to the version number. This is not appreciated by B4A: (A somewhat vague error message, by...

    Android Question updating app via the Store

    Hello, When my app purpose an update to the user, like below : (by checking if exists new version trough the webapi) is there a good way to make the script ? - Close the app - Launch the Store app (PlayStore or AppStore , if exist) - make it positionning on the app into the store folder (like...
  3. D

    iOS Question How to get ApplicationLabel and Version at runtime?

    Hi all, Maybe I'm being slow, but I can't seem to find any way to get the app's name and version at runtime? I.e. the values of the Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel and #Version that are set in the Main module. In B4A I would do it by calling Application.LabelName and...
  4. wizard699

    Wish Libraries list

    Erel, it's possible, in a future version, to show in the Libraries list, version number also for library not selected? In this manner it's possibile to view immediatly older libraries installed. Thanks