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  1. F

    B4J Question play fullscreen video with text overlay

    good morning everyone, I am trying to play a movie in full screen and then I would like to write overlay text that change during playback (like subtitles). I was able to playback the video but all the objects that I insert (ie label) seem to be behind the video and can't be seen. Also I need to...
  2. M

    RTSP Player for b4i

    Hi, Someone can wrap rtsp player lib like SGPlayer,ijkplayer,... for b4i. ijkplayer SGPlayer kxmovie gst-player DFURTSPPlayer RTSPViewer ONVIFCamera or . . .
  3. behnam_tr

    Share My Creation (b4j) Local and Url Video player_With VLC

    hi thanks @moster67 for wrapping Vlcj i only add seekbar and convert to class for use in other projects and fullscreen mode sample and lib+jars atteched. Download Jars