video streaming

  1. R

    iOS Question Question about VideoPlayer Quality control

    Hello I have a question: I'm using videoplayer in order to play a .m3u8 streaming. Everything works fine. However, the source of the streaming has diffent quality options, so in some players it is posible for the user to switch between those qualities. Since the native VideoPlayer seems not...
  2. alis1200

    Android Question Camera stream on RTMP protocol

    Hello To create a live stream, you need to transfer the content from a source such as a camera, screen or a file to the client device through one of the streaming protocols in the form of packets, in the client device with exactly the same protocol as the transfer operation was done with it, we...
  3. Ibrahim Saleh

    Video Streaming App

    I need an b4a app that is able to stream video from local storage. The video streaming service must use socket server to send chuck byte array to the video player. For more reference check this link. If you are up...