1. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XSeekBar - Changing the visible or enabled property.

    Greetings, Can you tell me how to change the visible or enabled property of the B4XSeekBar? I couldn't find those properties in the auto-complete.
  2. M

    Android Question Annoying Acitivity Title 😭

    Hi everyone, i'm coding an android app. I noticed that when the app launches (in debug and also in release) there is a moment where is possibile to see the default page with the ugly android titlebar with the app name (#ApplicationLabel: <name>) and blank activity, BEFORE the app actually...
  3. M

    Android Question Make not visible Place Autocomplete View

    Hi, everyone, im trying to use the Place Autocomplete View from Erel. I have the necessity to hide (or show) the view as i want by code, but the command: PlaceAutocompleteView.Visible = False doesn't exist... how can i solve this?