visual designer

  1. LWGShane

    Wish Designer Wishes

    CC: @Erel 1: Being able to set the scope of controls to either Public or Private in the "Generate Members" dialog. 2: Being able to set the default border width of all new controls. (For example, I usually change the border width to 0 and it would be nice to set it to be able to set a global...
  2. Swissmade

    Wish Visual Designer Grid and WYSIWYG Designer

    In the Designer you can set the Grid size. Maybe it is possible to show that Grid with . in the Abstract Designer. Also the WYSIWYG Designer always open with 600x600 size. Open this with the Variant it is set can make the view better. So when I create a Variant lets say 400x500, I like the...
  3. LWGShane

    Wish Visual Designer: Windows vs Tab

    CC: @Erel Why does the Visual Designer open in a new Window instead of a new Tab like many other IDEs? (Could it be changed to a tab?)
  4. J

    Android Question My phone's Variants in Visual Designer

    Currently, I'm only interested in developing for Android. I'm converting old apps developed with B4A to B4XPages. I'm developing a new apps with B4XPages. All being done with B4A 11.20. My phone's specification is 720 pixels wide by 1560 pixels height. It has 320 dpi i.e. scale=2. I have...
  5. WizardOz

    Android Question Visual Designer

    I have been working inside the Visual Designer for some days now, and I have a straightforward question that I hope to get answered. Is there a way to remove the seethrough panel with the text "Script mode (read only)"? I know the panel goes away when youre not in scriptmode, but as I use...
  6. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish Anchors by percentage in Visual Designer

    Currently, the designer offers the anchors that already solve many problems when drawing a designer... But it has a problem when you define several items in a row, depending on the width or height of the cell phone screen, one component ends up overlapping another... This is because the anchors...
  7. carlos7000

    Spanish Habilitar customView [solucionado]

    Hola a todos. Estoy intentando crear una sencilla aplicación me muestre un mapa de Google map. Pero el primer escollo que encuentro, es que en el Diseñador visual esta deshabilitado el objeto customView. Segun las instrucciones en...
  8. gian55

    Wish keyboard shortcut for Designer and Maninfest editor

    I would love a shortcut as like ctrl+f12 for the visual designer and another one shortcut for the manifest editor. The editor manifest do not keep previous windows size. Could be also useful a shotcut to save and exit from Visual designer . Thank you gian
  9. LWGShane

    Wish More CustomView Designer Properties

    1: #DesignerWidth and #DesignerHeight - Would allow us to set the default width and height of the "panel" that is created by the designer. 2: #DesignerAnchors - Would allow us to set the default anchors for our custom views.
  10. Raphael da Costa Peret

    B4J Question Pagination without page indicators

    Hi, All! :) Is possible to hide page indicators from a pagination container?