1. M

    iOS Question Wait for accept to receive notifications (RegisterUserNotification)

    Hi everyone, there is a way to wait for the user to click on the notification dialog, so the app stops to do things? Like: MsgBox2("Msg", "Body", "Title", Array("Yes", "No")) Wait For Msg_Click (ButtonText As String) If ButtonText = "Yes" Then 'things' End If thanks :D
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoSQLUtils] A BANanoSQL helper class for CRUD functionality

    Good day UPDATE 2020-05-19: Please use this library instead The attached class will help you in creating basic sql statements for CRUD functionality using BANanoSQL. We feature CREATE, UPDATE, UPDATE & DELETE statements, we also have added, creating a table. Whilst this class will work...
  3. L

    Italian Problema con Wait For Stream_newdata

    Ciao a tutti, Ho sviluppato nella mia applicazione la comunicazione con un misuratore fiscale, apro un socket su questo e scrivo i vari comandi nel flusso. Ad ogni comando inviato devo però intercettare la risposta da questo per verificarne l'esito, cosa che ho gestito con i wait for. Esempio...

    Android Question Command/statement to Play a tune

    Hello all, 1) Which command/function is available to play a tune (not a song) in B4A? and 2) Which command/function is available to create a simple delay during execution (like wait 2 seconds)? Regards, Fernando
  5. C

    B4J Question Wait for a .exe to finish executing

    I am executing a .exe with b4j and this .exe is writing me a file while it is executing then it stops and the file finishes writing.i an trying to read this file but since it does not finishes when my line of reading executes then it only reads part of it. Is there a way to wait for the .exe to...