1. s_kim

    Android Question WearOS watchface: is there a way to shorten the Ambient mode refresh interval?

    Hi there, I am new at B4A, so I apologize in advance if my question(s) seem very basic to most of you... I am trying to develop a watchface for Wear OS 2 and use Corwin42's watchface library. My question is whether anyone knows a sensible way to shorten the Ambient mode refresh interval. I...
  2. s_kim

    Android Question WearOS watchface service: can I use an activity to use a listview or can I only draw on the canvas?

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the WearOS (2.0) watchface (and I apologize if the question is too basic, but I am new at B4A): I understand that the watchface is a service and I can use the library ABExtDrawing and draw on the canvas directly. But is it also possible to create an...