1. PuzzleTak

    B4A Library PuzzleTak_AudioWaveSeekBar

    Hi guys I came to share one of my works with you friends :) lib PuzzleTak_AudioWaveSeekBar for b4a Get the real waves of the audio => (local , url ) and Random Wave Dim p As Phone If p.SdkVersion >= 24 Then pt.TreadGetByteUUIDFromBytes(File.DirAssets,"la_la_la.mp3") ' use...
  2. User242424

    B4A Library AXWaveAnimation

    Hello World! Another B4A Library šŸ˜ AXWaveAnimation AXWaveAnimation is a wave animation or a bubble animation for recording or playing audio using the amplitude of the voice. AXWaveDrawable You can customize the wave drawables or add or remove the wave drawables. Example ...
  3. A

    Android Question take time from a wav file

    I need use the time of wav file to create a sequence of audios. Is there a code that allows me to obtain and use this information?
  4. Danamo

    Android Code Snippet Change Pitch of Wave File Playback using SoundPool

    Sub Process_Globals 'Requires Audio library Private Pool As SoundPool End Sub Sub PlayRecording Dim ret As Int 'Used in call to Pool.Play. ret = 0 if error occurs Dim PoolID As Int 'Identifies the Pool number when a sound file is loaded Dim SourceDir As String =...