1. Beja

    Wish Wearable forum

    Hi guys My wish today is: An independent forum for wearable programming and discussions.
  2. Raywingit

    Android Question B4A 8.5 compile error

    Here is the log: B4A Version: 8.50 Parsing code. (0.12s) Building folders structure. (0.03s) Running custom action. (0.23s) Running custom action. (0.06s) Compiling code. (0.18s) Compiling layouts code. (0.05s) Organizing libraries. (0.66s) Running custom action. (0.06s)...
  3. mjtaryan

    Android Question Wearable Face and UI Design

    Where in B4A can I find info on creating watch faces and associated UI elements? Thanks.