web server

  1. Lakhtin_V

    Android Question Need an example of using the Request API

    I'm new to using API technologies, where you can see a complete example that allows you to make a request to a production server and get a response. I hope the example will be created using the simplest WORKING WEB server. I can't find an example of how to start a communication session and get...
  2. C

    B4J Question B4J Server template 404 error only when packaged

    Note: I'm brand new to B4X and Java I'm starting simple... downloaded, installed, launched, and setup B4J.exe (with B4X OpenJDK)... and chose a [New][Server] project. The only two changes I made: #PackagerProperty: ExeName = B4JServerTest 'srvr.Port = 51042 srvr.Port = 80 Everything...
  3. C

    B4J Question Web server app backend + client options? New to B4X and Java. Overwhelmed by choices.

    I would like to code a web server application that supports multiple users, utilizes input forms, generates reports, uploads and downloads large files, and a lot of other various standard business functionality. Some of the functionality would be available to a browser client and some would...
  4. Zlgo

    B4J Question Web server

    Hi Playing with web server example on https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/server-building-web-servers-with-b4j.37172/ find that if you create simple form page with some visual app editor(instead one in example) in Logs part of B4J IDE appear message "...
  5. Mihai Rainer Jr.

    B4J Question Running B4J app as CGI or in a web container (like TomCat)

    I was wondering if it is possible to use apps generated with B4J to execute and return data in a web application. I have a project where, for example, I need to access some serial ports on the server).