1. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation Webcam to read QR code and show the result

    Yes. It is within the reach of b4x, and now with b4j whether as a native code or by java code. What matters is that it runs within the realm of b4x. However, it was not that easy to implement. Here is the result. The laptop is ci7 DELL inspiron 15 used on Windows 10 64-bit system.
  2. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD_Streaming (DEMO)

    This library is developed in JAVA and is a wrapper of the VLCj library. Is based on the code by @moster67 (see here). It has been reworked to obtain an h.264 streaming from the pc cam, streaming of an mp4 video and finally of the desktop and a portion of it, You must have VLC installed in your...
  3. Magma

    Share My Creation [B4X] Video Conference, Audio, Text Chat app - meet@point - Source Code only 29$

    I am proud to present you my new App... for Windows-PC and Android Version (B4J and B4A)... meet@point Is an example - how to create a Video Conference Application... is using MQTT technology... you can use it from Android or Windows PC... you can communicate with Video (webcam, or android...
  4. Jarek I&Q

    [CLOSED] USB Camera - UVC (wrapper)

    Please for wrap a library for B4A for a USB webcam. I don't have a specific library in mind, but maybe this one:
  5. Chris Tyrie

    B4J Question Webcam Capture HD cameras

    I have been working with the webcam capture library by CanguruCode It does not have a method for setting to HD resolutions. I've found some java code to do it but I'm not having any luck B4Jing it. Is there a Java guru that...