1. Star-Dust

    B4J Library SD_Streaming (DEMO)

    This library is developed in JAVA and is a wrapper of the VLCj library. Is based on the code by @moster67 (see here). It has been reworked to obtain an h.264 streaming from the pc cam, streaming of an mp4 video and finally of the desktop and a portion of it, You must have VLC installed in your...
  2. Magma

    Share My Creation [B4X] Video Conference, Audio, Text Chat app - meet@point - Source Code only 29$

    I am proud to present you my new App... for Windows-PC and Android Version (B4J and B4A)... meet@point Is an example - how to create a Video Conference Application... is using MQTT technology... you can use it from Android or Windows PC... you can communicate with Video (webcam, or android...
  3. Jarek I&Q

    [CLOSED] USB Camera - UVC (wrapper)

    Please for wrap a library for B4A for a USB webcam. I don't have a specific library in mind, but maybe this one:
  4. Chris Tyrie

    B4J Question Webcam Capture HD cameras

    I have been working with the webcam capture library by CanguruCode It does not have a method for setting to HD resolutions. I've found some java code to do it but I'm not having any luck B4Jing it. Is there a Java guru that...