webview error

  1. S

    Android Question error webview

    Hello, I want to load the following link into the webview, but it gives the following error link : https://go.crisp.chat/chat/embed/?website_id=ed1ef9c7-9347-46ce-9c9c-e46762780ac5 error : Webpage not available in Webview!
  2. pwnzerjan

    Android Question B4A Webview not fully working

    can someone help me with my WebView the website is not fully loading and when i try it in my Laptop Browser it is 100% Working
  3. desarrollo arg

    Android Question redirect web page out of my application

    Hello, I have a webView and inside the page there is a link. When I click, the app redirects me within the same WebView and this brings an error. Can it be redirected to the device's browser?
  4. Biswajit

    B4A Class Webview Custom Error Page

    This code module will return a custom HTML design along with the actual error message instead of the default webview error page. Import the attached code module to your project and use it like below. Usage: Sub Globals Private MainWebView As WebView Private WVE As WebViewExtras...