1. Rasoull

    Android Question Change Highlight color in webview Extras2

    Hello every body im use FindAllAsynch Method in Webview Extras 2 and webview show the text with orange highlight and Black text color,How I can change this colors?
  2. DeveloperNima

    Android Question WebViewExtras (WebView) touch or click on EditText

    Hello dear friends I want to touch EditText in WebView when touched inside the app Edit Text. But I can not do that, Please guide me ! Thank you in advance for your effort .
  3. A

    Android Question WebViewExtras2 download link

    I'm trying from several days to download webviewextras2 library from this suggested link: http://b4a.martinpearman.co.uk/webviewextras/ but it seems to be dead. Is there an alternative link? Thank you so much for your help! Ascanio
  4. J

    Android Question [SOLVED] Passing XML data using executeJavascript

    Hi! I'm trying to pass a long string that contains data from a XML file (141KB) to a Javascript function: Dim codigoJS As String = $"recibeString("${xmlData}");"$ wvExtras.executeJavascript(codigoJS) Log("[" & DateTime.Time(DateTime.Now)&"] " & "Se termino de pasar datos XML a...
  5. J

    Android Question WebviewExtras and Javascript variables

    I have the following definitions: Dim WVExtras As WebViewExtras ... 1) WVExtras.addJavascriptInterface(WebView1, "B4A") 2) WVExtras.addWebChromeClient(WebView1, True) Execution: 3) js = "B4A.CallSub('processHTML', document.getElementById(""" & RankCol & """).style.color='red')"...
  6. S

    Android Question WebViewExtras2 is crashing immediately

    Hi I have tested WebViewExtras2 sample application in ANDROID emulator API 26 and XIAOMI MI MAX API 24. The application is immediately crashing. Hope, the signature ShouldInterceptRequest(URL as string) has changed to ShouldInterceptRequest(WebResourceRequest request) Can we get the updated...

    Android Question How to force WebView to skip images?

    Hello guys! I am using the webviewExtras2 library and b4A 9.02 WebView1.GetSettings.GetLoadsImagesAutomatically=False cause compile error (attached) I found in stackoverflow this code: webView.getSettings().setLoadsImagesAutomatically(false); What is wrong with my code? Any help?
  8. LucaMs

    Android Question WebViewExtras2 - how to play an online audio file?

    I tried: Dim url As String url = "https://interactive-examples.mdn.mozilla.net/media/examples/t-rex-roar.mp3" Dim jscript As StringBuilder jscript.Initialize jscript.Append($"var audio = new Audio('${url}');"$) jscript.Append(CRLF) jscript.Append("audio.play();") Log(jscript.ToString)...
  9. R

    Android Question Upload in webView (WORK)!

    Hi all, I found a way (in a somewhat accidental) to run the file upload in a WebView. I have used WebViewExtras and WebViewExtras2, but in the .b4a project file I have declared FIRST WebViewExtras2 and THEN WebViewExtras . When, the code are whis: Sub Globals 'These global variables will...
  10. K

    Android Question WebviewExtras2 AddJavascriptInterface Not working

    Hello every one. in the folloowing code I use WebviewExtras2.AddJavascriptInterface to call a sub from B4a . but it never works , and I cant figure out the problem with this code and why the 'MyFunction' never gets reached Also I'm not sure about the first parameter to the...
  11. Seneca

    Android Question Issue with .GetContentHeight from the WebviewExtras and WebViewExtras2 library

    Hi, I have been testing WebViewExtras and WebViewExtras2 to calculate the height of a WV and it occurs to me that the height is calculated correctly only if I execute it in Debug mode and I put a break point in the _pagefinished event (line #36 of the example). In "release" mode it is not...