whatsapp automation

  1. jsaplication.mobile

    B4A Library Source Code - ReplyAuto

    I'm posting these files because many of me lost the source code of the ReplyAuto library: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/replyauto-library-response-whatsapp-telegram-background-service.138920/ Download Eclipse to edit and compile the library The necessary files to edit the library...
  2. jsaplication.mobile

    B4A Library ReplyAuto - Library Response WhatsApp, Telegram (background service)

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to my new auto-response library for social networks, compatible with whatsapp, telegram works in the background A good part of the code was recovered from the NotificationListener library I made some modifications to adapt to my project and I'm making...
  3. sfsameer

    WhatsApp Automation : Free Source Code

    Hello everyone :) *Starting off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for us :) Today we would like to announce our newest app : WhatsApp Automation It contains the following : 1- Auto Reply You can set up the options that the user can pick from and once the user picks an option you can...