1. AneeshJay

    iOS Question Access Local Storage WKWebview

    The Javascript library that I load in my webview uses the local storage to do some it's functions. In b4a, I give webview access to the local storage using the following code, Dim jwb As JavaObject = myWebview Dim jset As JavaObject = jwb.RunMethod("getSettings", Null) Dim r As Reflector...
  2. N

    iOS Question B4I hide the header , footer, and navigation of the web page that I load inside a web view or wkwebview

    Hi ALL, I'm trying to reproduce in B4I a simple app that I have done on B4X but I have the following Problem. In b4x using the following code, I was able to hide the header, the footer, and navigation control of the web page that I load inside the webview : Private Sub WebView1_PageFinished...
  3. B

    iOS Question B4i 6.5 how to use WebView.InitializeWithCustomConfiguration

    Can anyone please give an example for WebView.InitializeWithCustomConfiguration ?? as from b4i 6.5 WKWebView is used as inernal WebWiew library Is it possible to force this way the WebView will ignore Selfsigned certificate error or better to create handler for SSL errors and any other errors...
  4. T

    iOS Question WKWebView - PageFinished

    PageFinished is not firing, but the webview is working properly. I have this code: Private Sub Application_Start (Nav As NavigationController) NavControl = Nav Page1.Initialize("Page1") Page1.Title = "Page 1" Dim no As NativeObject = App...
  5. D

    iOS Question WKWebView in IOS13 stopped working

    My app has stopped working since ios 13.3 upgrade. It is now failing to display the page in Webview. This is my code :- Dim xui As XUI File.Copy(File.DirAssets, la(Index,0) & ".pdf", File.DirDocuments, "page.pdf") WKWebView1.LoadUrl(xui.FileUri(File.DirDocuments, "page.pdf"))...
  6. Mashiane

    Android Question Where is the WKWebView for B4A?

    Hi there Ive noted the b4i posts about this however nothing seems to popup that shows where this is found for b4a? Can someone please point me to the right direction? Thanks