1. M

    iOS Question Read and write mifare tag

    Hi everyone, it’s possibile with b4i ti read mifare tag? I found out this on Apple: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corenfc/nfcmifaretag thanks if someone would answer.
  2. K

    Android Question open wrong pdf file

    I'm using CreateFileProviderUri for opening pdf file and printing library for write in pdf. When I'm opening pdf file its open last proccess pdf file. this is my code Sub open_pdf If File.Exists(Starter.shared,"1.pdf") Then File.Delete(Starter.shared,"1.pdf") End If...
  3. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Using jSQL to Lock a mySQL table for writing

    Hello. I'm writing an app that allows several computers to add new orders to the database. To avoid any conflicts, I want to make sure that when one system is adding a new list of orders, no others can interrupt and will have to wait for the first one to finish up. I understand that the most...