1. walterf25

    iOS Question Problem with Local Mac Builder (SOLVED)

    Hi All, I seem to be having some issues with compiling my B4i apps using my local builder, I continue to get the following Error: I followed this thread here but I have already followed all the necessary steps including installing B4i bridge first, this was working before, the only change is...
  2. walterf25

    iOS Question Library creation issue

    Hi all, it's been a very long time I haven't done anything with B4i, I recently just renewed my license for both B4i and Apple developer, I decided to continue working on a library I had started working on a while back, I have set everything up, the library files have compiled just fine without...
  3. Carlos marin

    iOS Question Launch multiple simulators in Xcode with my application

    Good morning to all, I am using the hosted server for testing on my MAC, at the moment everything runs smoothly but I would like to be able to run my debugging application in several simultaneous emulators, at the moment if I run in one it disconnects in the others, I have seen in several pages...
  4. M

    Bug? SmartString compiler bug (?)

    Hi everyone, i was using the UDPSocket to send some packets to my server. I noticed something weird, if i try to compile my code the compiler crashes saying: Sub Button1_Click For i=0 To 100 UDPSocket1.Initialize("UDP", 0, 2048) Dim Packet As UDPPacket Dim...
  5. jlerner

    iOS Question Failed to find xcode version

    Good afternoon, I find the following error. I have installed Xcode 10 on my MacBook Pro with MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 operating system. When installing Host Builder and trying to run B4iBuildServer.jar I get the error "Failed to find xcode version". The Build Server version is 6.3. Does anyone...
  6. nwhitfield

    Uploading from a local Mac builder with XCode 11

    In case anyone else runs into this (my Mac auto-updated this morning), here's how to do it: First, after you've built the code, find the directory where your ipa file is; since my username in B4i is set to nigel, and the build server is in my Downloads folder, it's a case of cd...
  7. Guga Thome

    iOS Question Hosted builders current Xcode version?

    Are the Hosted builders running on Xcode 9.0 or 9.2? Tks, Guga
  8. jahswant

    iOS Question XCode Compile to iPhone

    I'm trying to sideload my B4iProject to iPhone with XCode but i'm getting this : Code Signing Error: "B4iProject" requires a provisioning profile. Select a provisioning profile for the "Debug" build configuration in the project editor. Code Signing Error: Code signing is required for product...