1. M

    B4J Question Find the last empty row of Excel file

    Hello I have an Excel file that is already designed and has content The program is designed in such a way that when the user clicks on the save in Excel file option in the menu, the content of several strings and numbers will be saved in the specified sheet and columns of this Excel file...
  2. W

    B4J Code Snippet Improving the speed of reading multiple sheets from an Excel workbook with jPOI5/XLUtils

    Especially noticeable when reading from a not-very-small workbook, even if it just contains multiple sheets with some tens of thousands of rows. Slow method that opens the workbook multiple times (and, I guess, reads it/interprets its XML completely each time to load it into memory): Dim...
  3. C

    B4J Question [XLUtils] What happens if xlutils.OpenExcel is called without excel installed

    A simple question but one I can't test because I don't have access to a machine without Excel installed. If xlutils.OpenExcel is called on a Windows machine that does not have Excel installed, does it just return false or does an error occur? Thanks
  4. W

    B4J Code Snippet [XLUtils] [jPOI5] Detect/unhide hidden rows and columns in a worksheet

    Dim i As Int Dim theSheet As PoiSheet = ... Dim joTheSheet As JavaObject = theSheet Dim theSheetWriter As XLSheetWriter = ... Dim theSheetLastRow1 As Int = theSheet.LastRowNumber + 1 ' One-based index of the last row in the sheet Dim theSheetLastCol0 As Int = theSheet.GetRow(0).Cells.Size - 1 '...
  5. T201016

    B4J Question Creating MS Word Documents

    Hello everyone, Can Anyone help me convert the code of the four HTML text formatting tags to MS WORD format - I present below examples. It is supposed to be applied later, e.g .: Creating MS Word Documents shows @Erel as a great example šŸ‘ 1.EXAMPLE: <html dir="ltr"> <head></head>...
  6. C

    B4J Question XLUtils: move chart

    When using XLUtils and a template xlsx to create a spreadsheet report with a chart, is it possible to change the position of the chart once the new workbook has been created and all the data has been added? I ask because sometimes it is not possible to know in advance how much data will be...
  7. C

    B4J Question XLUtils: chart with unknown number of data series

    I am using XLUtils (excellent library, thank you!) with a template xlsx file, adding data and populating a chart using the dynamic named ranges as explained in the 'Templates and Charts' tutorial. My problem is that the number of series' of data is variable, so I can not know how many named...
  8. M

    B4J Question XLUtil - working with Ranges on multiple sheets

    I have a spreadsheet with 21 sheets in it. I need to read each sheet. Each sheet has 6 columns of data. Each sheets data can have different number of rows, some have 19 rows, some 20 and some 21 rows. To read each sheets data, I would assume creating a Sheet Range on each sheet. Excel allows...
  9. behnam_tr

    B4J Question xlutils > Can I print excel file ??

    hi with XLutils how print Excel file After creat ??? is it possible ??
  10. behnam_tr

    B4J Question [XLutils] how set cell format to Text ??

    in XLutils how set cell format to Text ?? i want to write and read phone number like this : 0914****** , 0933***** , ...... after save when i want to edit phone number in excel file it changed to 914*****,933***** After editing, I can not add the number '0' to the first of the phone number...