1. C

    Android Question Xngrid and xngridcol libraries

    Hi, I've a question... Where can I find the xngrid and xngridcol libraries? thanks for your help.
  2. C

    Android Question Best table library (like MS DataGridView)

    Hello! What do you think is the best library to show results in table mode as DataGridView does in MS Visual Studio? Some features I need are: - Sort by column - Load from list - Change row colors individually - Change sizes of rows and columns - Get and Set values from/to any cell I've been...
  3. C

    Android Question sort xnGrid

    Hello, Is it possible to sort xnGrid based on specific column? Many thanks?
  4. Ricardo Gonzalez Gaete

    Spanish Buena Amigos Libreria xnGrid

    Estoy probando esta librería y tiene un excelente potencial y se adapta a mi necesidades, pero tengo un inconveniente que no puedo limpiar la grilla.. como por eje. en la mayorías de las listas tenemos la función del control .Clear. Acá no existe, tiene una llamada Cgrid.GridClear, pero no hace...
  5. C

    Android Code Snippet Creating xnGrid on the fly

    I've been using B4A for a while for ad-hoc, prototype stuff and created a few small projects. I'm working on something new and needed to create grids, which I see B4A doesn't come with. I found xnGrid, and it took a while to get to where I had something usable. I just thought I'd pass on what I...