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    Android Question What is the current best option for offline Speech To Text

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an offline speech to text library... which the best one currently? I was using this one, but it stopped working... so I switched to this one, but this one misunderstand a lot of words... is not precise... Thanks in advance
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    Bug? XSpeechRecognizer by MultiverseApp error occurred message - serious problem

    Hi eveyrone last year I made an app that uses XSpeechRecognizer by @Multiverse app library to detect words, infact you can see some posts of mine on the forum. However I received a report that some useres experienced a crash of the app when they start the Speech To Text. So I opened the project...
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    Android Question XSpeechRecognizer annoying beep sounds - help šŸ™

    Hi everyone. I made an app using XSpeechRecognizer made by @Multiverse app There is very annoying problem going on :(, even with the given example: When the recognizer is listening it is continuosly playing some "beep" sounds, that are very annoying (because when it start listening you are...
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    Android Question [B4XPages] xSpeechRecognizer not working (but working in Standard B4A)

    hi everyone, i just converted a project from b4a standard to b4xpages. everything seems to be working, except for the xSpeechRecognizer that in the Standard project works, and in the b4xpages version not. When i click the button to start the listening this check fails: If...