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Hello, Today, after a long time, I'm here to see a message that- b4a is free. Thanks, Erel for your great support.
Hi I'm looking for POS / Order Booking system in B4X, if you have please kindly share details.
Multiverse app
Multiverse app
We have not exactly build the whole system on b4x, although can certainly help.
I need to write to module 1.Master 2.Voucher
Are you selling the source code
Excuse me friend. Do you have any example of IPTV in B4A. thanks.

I have looked for an example and I have found almost nothing ....

and I want to make a simple iptv program ..
One way to do it: sqlite database in the android application, there it can be stored locally. The second part, the server, do you have equipment for it?

And the application, using the network or connection can request and download materials from that server.
Hola Dante, soy otro de los que lleva mucho tiempo tratando de conectar, por favor indícanos cómo hacerlo diciendo de dónde descargo la librería, cómo se llama, cómo queda la cadena de conexión con IP, usuario y password. O si lo quieres enviar mi correo es De verdad, quedaré muy agradecido. Saludos.
My programming history from 70's: Assembler, Basic, Rexx, Vb3, Vb6, Visual Studio and now B4A. Great tool!