1. Peter Simpson

    B4A Library Generic Android powered 1D/2D laser barcode scanner library

    Hello All, Here is a library that I wrapped for generic Android 1D/2D laser barcode scanners. You don't need a library to use a generic Android 1D/2D hardware laser barcode scanners. To receive barcode data you can use an Intent via a Receiver Module without the need for a library, but there...
  2. nicolino33

    Italian Il mio primo gioco con GameView

    Ciao a tutti, felice di presentare il mio primo gioco in 2D realizzato con l'ausilio della libreria GameView. Questa libreria in effetti si presta molto bene all'animazione 2D, pochi ed efficaci istruzioni che grazie all'accelerazione hardware permettono di realizzare scenari anche abbastanza...
  3. SJQ

    Android Question 3D Gaming Toolkit

    Hello All, following on from all the great work on the new 2D gaming libraries Erel has been working on would any of you guys have any idea how to integrate the AGK Toolkit. AGK is itself a 3D/2D Gaming Toolkit that uses Code blocks as an IDE and doesn't have its own IDE, its a great 3D & 2D...