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Hello All,

following on from all the great work on the new 2D gaming libraries Erel has been working on would any of you guys have any idea how to integrate the AGK Toolkit.

AGK is itself a 3D/2D Gaming Toolkit that uses Code blocks as an IDE and doesn't have its own IDE, its a great 3D & 2D gaming toolkit for Android, IOS and Windows as well as others. But its lacking in many areas, B4X fulfils those areas very well.

Its available now as a plugin for Java and Kotlin (two IDE's i don't know much about). You have to own your own copy of AGK to use the plugin with other IDE...

Has anybody else taken a look at this yet?


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Babylon.js is certainly interesting, I’ve tried something similar with AGK… Compiled to HTML5 and running the AGK app in a B4X WebView.

But AGK will compile to native Android app or EXE in windows etc.

From what I gather, if it is possible to integrate the AGK toolkit with B4X, then the scope is far greater than relying on just an app in a web view and with greater integration and the power of B4X
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i used agk for 2d a long time. agk 1 used code blocks. v2 using Geany as editor.
agk have a own ide for make games with basic language. the compiled output is bytecode that runs in the interpreter core.
it was also possible to use c++ in visual studio 2017 for windows output.
java is a programming language owned by oracle. Kotlin is a attempted to make it better.
for java there are many ide's (as example NetBeans). but for android its android studio from Google.
agk output in HTML5 was bad because the wide amount of browsers and versions.
"But its lacking in many areas" at least the functionality of 3d and its not OOP.
it make no sense to use agk in b4a. tgc inclined to say everthing is possible but they conceal the effort.
for 3D the best engines are unreal and unity.
have also a look into
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