1. Alain75

    Android Question How to perform scroll down screen with B4XAccessibilityServices

    Hi everybody, I work with B4XAccessibilityServices on the application android settings screens. I am currently able to automate click on "force stop" of an application, from a list got with PackageManager. Now I am working on automating "clear cache". Unfortunately, storage item doesn't appear...
  2. moster67

    B4A Library Accessibility Services (assisting users with disabilities, automation etc)

    This is a partial wrap/library for Android's Accessibility Services which you can read about here: Android's Accessibility Services is meant to assisting users with disabilities in using Android devices...
  3. I

    Android Question How to programatically click button on another app?

    I am trying to build an app that can click a particular button on another app. This is possible from Android 4.3+ using findAccessibilityNodeInfosByViewId which is part of Accessibility service. For example there is a very popular app called Greenify on Play Store that prevents other apps from...