Android Question How to perform scroll down screen with B4XAccessibilityServices


Hi everybody,

I work with B4XAccessibilityServices on the application android settings screens. I am currently able to automate click on "force stop" of an application, from a list got with PackageManager. Now I am working on automating "clear cache". Unfortunately, storage item doesn't appear in the first screen and I am not able to click on it.

So I need to scroll down the screen but I ditn't achieve it :
  • There is no global action to scroll down the screen, so no way to use PerformGlobalAction from AccessibilityEventsListener. Perhaps ACTION_PAGE_DOWN, which is not defined in the library, may be the right constant. However, I didn't find its value.
  • I tried to use ACTION_SCROLL_FORWARD with PerformNodeActionOnViewWithArgs but I didn't find the good parameters
Can anybody help me ?
Thanks a lot