1. P

    Android Question Problem with #CustomBuildAction 3

    I may be wrong (in which case, my apologies) but I don't think this line in the Project Attributes section is working #CustomBuildAction: 3,"C:\Users\PJL\B4A\Version.bat","" There is no indication in the Compile:Build box that a custom action is being run before the APK is signed and the work...
  2. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question Remote Notification> UserNotification_Action with more than one parameter

    Hello all, Maybe this is a silly question, i was able to implement silent notifications and regular push notifications. Im using the UserNotificationClass from Erel. My problem is that when the user clicks on any action of the buttons it only gets the actionIdentifier string (that is the button...
  3. Multiverse app

    Android Tutorial Creating custom Text Selection actions with ACTION_PROCESS_TEXT

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduced a new floating text selection toolbar, which brings the standard text selection actions, like cut, copy, and pastes, closer to the text you’ve selected. Even better though is the new ACTION_PROCESS_TEXT which makes it possible for any app to add custom actions...