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[B4X] Documentation Booklets

The B4X documentation booklets are available in PDF format, Download Link.
All files are included in the zip file in the link above, pdf booklets and all the source code.

You can also...
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[B4X] Features that Erel recommends to avoid

Many things have changed in B4X and also in the underlying platforms. I will try to list here all kinds of (old) features that have better alternatives.
B4X is backward compatible so these...
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[B4X] "Code Smells" - common mistakes and other tips

"Code smells" are common patterns that can indicate that there is a problem in the code. A problem doesn't mean that the code doesn't work, it might be that it will be difficult to maintain it or...
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Navigation Side Menu

I was playing around with the ListView and found it a great use for a menu system.
Following along as much as possible with the design concepts defined on a Material.io design web site.



  • NavigationMenuOptimized.zip
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B4Xgoodies_from_walt61 Online


As JamesGreaves requested,
"So do you not think it would be of value to have even something like @walt61 has created but online?"...
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Receivers and Services in 2023+

In the early days of Android services were simple to use and powerful. They allowed doing all kinds of things in the backgrounds with very few restrictions. That's not the case with newer versions...
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App Bundle - Publishing NEW apps using AAB to play store with New keystore

There is an increasing concern about how to publish apps using the app bundle (aab) format. I will try as much as possible to simplify the steps for you.



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Share SQLite database between 2 devices

This is just a proof of concept to show that Device A behave like a server hosting a database and Device B connects to it accessing the "shared" database. It is a response to this question...


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[B4X] AS TextFieldAdvanced - ComboBox


  • AS TextFieldAdvanced ComboBox Example.zip
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[B4X] AS Settings - SelectionList Property

With this property, you can offer the user several options and he can then select either one or more.
(57) mage.png


  • AS Settings SelectionList Example.zip
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B4X Ui/Ux 👨‍🎓👩‍🏫

Ui max_co

Hello friends
We are here to show the world the power and beauty of B4X-built apps

New post

17-Drawer Ui (Figma)...


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Widget Layout (Resizable, Adaptive)

Not sure if this can be considered a Tutorial, my first attempt.
Lately I started to play with Widgets, mostly for curiosity.
The main problem I encountered was how to design the Layout to make it...


  • Widget Test.zip
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Android database encryption with SQLCipher library


  • SQLCipher.zip
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2D Car game Example

Hi All.
Here is a very simple example of 2D Car game.
I did so for study purposes. I'm sure this is not the correct way to create a game. :D:D

carro (1).jpg

You can download it...

[B4X] Supabase - Realtime Broadcast example app

This is a simple B4X broadcast example with supabase as backend.



  • Supabase Broadcast Example.zip
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[B4X] AS Settings - DescriptionItem

This is a description item, this can be used to provide more information about a particular feature.


[B4X] AS Settings - ComboBox Property

With this property, the user can quickly select one of several options via a combobox. It use the native combo box for...

[B4X] AS Settings - Text Property

This property is for text input. Normal text, numbers or decimal numbers.




[B4X] AS Settings - ActionClean Property

This property is like the action property, only in a cleaner version. Here there is only an icon and the display...

[B4X] AS Settings - Action Property

This property is used, for example, to manage properties that are on another page. Or to open links, open a picker so...
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[B4X] AS Settings - Boolean Property

(1) FTZzgV4CZDcESNrYZIq5EviLuJFH2gGZ8o09ODFHc5Fe4IrWdZ.png

AS_Settings1.MainPage.AddProperty_Boolean("Basic","PropertyName_1","Boolean Property...

Social Network created by B4A (Chat included)

After searching all over the forum, I noticed that there are no examples that speak of a Social Network, so I decided to write one.

This example below...

B4A Social Network Version 1.30