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[B4X] Documentation Booklets

The B4X documentation booklets are available in PDF format, Download Link.
All files are included in the zip file in the link above, pdf booklets and all the source code.

You can also...
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[B4X] Features that Erel recommends to avoid

Many things have changed in B4X and also in the underlying platforms. I will try to list here all kinds of (old) features that have better alternatives.
B4X is backward compatible so these...
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[B4X] "Code Smells" - common mistakes and other tips

"Code smells" are common patterns that can indicate that there is a problem in the code. A problem doesn't mean that the code doesn't work, it might be that it will be difficult to maintain it or...
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B4A Book Now Covers Version 11.20


I am happy to announce that both the paperback and electronic versions of the B4A tutorial and reference book “B4A Rapid Android App Development using BASIC” by Wyken Seagrave have...

[B4X] Regular expressions (RegEx) tutorial

Regular expressions are very powerful and make complicate parsing challenges much easier.
This short tutorial will describe the usage of regular expressions in Basic4android.
If you are not...
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MQTT Topic best practice

B4Xgoodies_from_walt61 Online


As JamesGreaves requested,
"So do you not think it would be of value to have even something like @walt61 has created but online?"...
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JPCT-AE Polyline Example

Polyline in JPCT-AE is unable for using by standart methods. But, by Ricardossy1, in his post: Ricardossy1 post, was described way for solving problem.
I was needed for Polylines in my...


  • JPCT-AE (alhowiriny).jar
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  • JPCT-AE (alhowiriny).xml
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  • jpct_ae.jar
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💡 Part 2 Examples - Creating long lists using xCustomListView with Lazy Loading - Newer developers

Hello All,
If you're not experienced with using xCustomListView (xCLV) with Lazy Loading (LL) when it comes to loading long lists of data, then I strongly suggest that you read the following post...
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[B4XPages] [BitmapCreator] Cross platform Falling Sand game


  • B4XFallingSand.zip
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Read And Write NFC Tags !

(NFCRW has been Updated !)
In this project You can scan and write your Ndef or NFC tags Very simply,
(This project is for B4XPages)

The Principal codes ...


  • ProjectNFC.zip
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NFC - Reading and Writing

NFC v2.00 adds support for low level access to the NFC features. This allows reading and writing from NFC tags.

The NFC library provides three features:
- Reading Ndef tags based intent filters...


  • AdvancedNFC.zip
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  • Project.zip
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[B4A] [Class] [Calendar] Class wmCalendar - Android calendar manipulation based on DonManfred's explorations

This is a calendar manipulation class based on @DonManfred 's explorations which you can find at...


  • wmCalendarDemo.zip
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Offline Continuous Speech Recognition

This is a very old project which is unlikely to function correctly on newer versions of Android. The link to the project should still be active and if you want to use it for reference to...


  • copyright.txt
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  • Library.zip
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Implementing Launcher Icons using MipMap

The Launcher icon always shows as 48x48 dip, but when translated into pixels on screens with different resolutions, this can become 48, 72, 96, 144 or even 192 pixels square. You should ideally...

DJI virtual stick-tutorial, waypoint-mission for DJI Mini- and Air-series

After the release of the new grandiose DJI library and the preliminary work of freedom2000 and JordiCP in this thread...
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[B4X] MQTT Chat Room


  • Chat_B4i.zip
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  • Chat_B4J.zip
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  • Chat_B4A.zip
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B4A UCanAccess Demo (works under B4J - see notes)

This demo is a slight modification of @klaus's B4XPages SQLiteLight2 demo...


  • B4XPagesUCanAccessLight2.2020.08.25.01a.zip
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[UI] [B4A] Online Course App UI Example + Source Code


  • Online Course.zip
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Searching the internet I found a service that allows you to convert any google sheet into a json api, it has a free version that allows you to consult and add data, connecting to the api is quite...

How to write a tasker plugin

Edge Case use for B4XPages: Changing Orientation for Many Pages

This is for advanced users only. Please see Erel's important cautions about using this approach below.

This post and examples demonstrate how to extend B4XPages to allow orientation...


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  • b4xpages_orientation_example.zip
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Version safe APK installation

As explained in this tutorial all store apps will soon be forced to target the latest SDK.

This means that we can no longer rely on the OS backwards compatibility features and need to...


  • InstallAPK.zip
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