1. asales

    Android Question B4XPages and activities in the same project

    I have some big projects with several activities, that I want to change to B4XPages. As will be a huge work, I thinked in start with change only the main activity to B4XPageMain and maintained the other modules as activities, until change all. I want to know if there any problem in to use...
  2. jahswant

    Android Code Snippet How I converted my apps to B4XPages

    To convert my apps was pretty easy. I just opened my activities(B4A) and code modules(B4i & B4J) with notepad ++ then I changed their types to class. Then I Changed all my show methods(B4i & B4J) and Activity_Create(B4A) to B4xPage_Created then for dynamic data populations I moved all those...
  3. A

    Android Question Problem with a timer

    Hi all. I have a small app (this is just an example) that does nothing but runs a timer. It also has 2 activities and my code in Starter runs a timer that checks if both of theses activities are paused. If so - let's wait for 10 seconds a show a message in a log Log("Log Out") The idea is...
  4. joaquinortiz

    Android Question Call more than one Activity.

    Is there a way to call more Activities? For example. I want to develop the following: I have the Main Activity, and I want to call to a new one called "Login" Activity, then this activity, will do the login validation and if it is correct, then, called a Menu Activity that has several options...