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I have some big projects with several activities, that I want to change to B4XPages.
As will be a huge work, I thinked in start with change only the main activity to B4XPageMain and maintained the other modules as activities, until change all.

I want to know if there any problem in to use B4XPages together with Activities in the same project?

I made a test with a small project, without problem, but I want to know other experiences.

Thanks in advance for any tip.

William Lancee

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As your test shows, there is no inherent problem.
But with non-B4XPages activities, some of the important benefits of B4XPages are gone.
Each non-B4XPages activity has to handle the Android life cycle (Pause/Resume) explicitly.

Since this is an existing working project you already are handling these situations.
So you're good to go!
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