1. K

    Android Question Log Out

    Hello everyone! I'm building an android app with B4X and I want to create a Log Out Button on every screen. The way I thought of it to work is this: Call the LogIn page (B4XPages.ShowPage("MainPage")) The page that the user was on disappears. the B4XPage_Disappear() Sub is called. In that...
  2. Rasoull

    Android Question Finish Another Activity from Activity

    hi I need if the user in the current activity changes the theme of the Application, close the previous activity and run it again, the following code works on most phones but does not work on some Android 10+ phones, is there an alternative has it? Dim Jo As JavaObject...
  3. Artur2024

    Android Question Widget and Page for edit

    Hey :) I'm still studying. I used it Android Tutorial Widget Layout (Resizable, Adaptive) after modification, it displayed the number of days from the date (Widget_4x1.bas, line 21). By clicking on Label, I would like to change the date. I can't open the date change window. I need help with...
  4. D

    Android Question Crash upon Activity.Finish

    In my activity, there is a scenario where the user can click the back button before the activity is loaded. This back button click needs to be handled. What I basically do is: // Back Button Handling Code // Detect Premature Exit If prematureExit = true then Activity.Finish end if When...
  5. mcqueccu

    Android Question Activity.finish not working as expected

    I have 2 activities - Main and actPage2. Now I have a condition that when its met, the main activity should end and start the second activity(actPage2). My problem is the code runs even after Activity.Finish line. The only way it works is when i add return after the activity.finish or use Else...